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InREM INT LTD is a division of one of the largest metal mining and processing companies. InREM was established in late 2017 as a special project consolidating IT, blockchain, metal market analysts and traders of the crypto-currency market for business expansion. The decision was made considering the latest technologies due to the renewing market and an increasing demand for both rare-earth metals and electric batteries manufactured from them. The affinity with the extracting company allowed us to get more than a hundred associates from various countries which are the main miners of rare earth metals. With their help, we acquire insider information such as field exploration, deployment of industrial extraction sites, processing of metals. This allows us to react and act promptly on the London stock exchange of metals and world stock markets.

The rare earth consists of 17 elements that are difficult to extract from earth's surface. The number of explored fields is fairly small thus these metals are very rare. However, the consisting elements are necessary for battery production for electric vehicles, as well as for certain aerospace pieces and for various other usage in industries.

Every year, global environmental standards step onto the automakers toes, and so, in view of this, almost every second manufacturer has developed a concept of an electric car and within a couple of years they will all initiate mass production. The market for batteries used by such cars will be in a tight deficit. For instance, Tesla company recently disrupted the production plan of its cars because there was a battery shortage. Therefore, the company is actively trying to launch its own production plant for these batteries. Yet, what will this plant do without a sufficient supply of nickel, cadmium, lithium, copper and aluminum? It becomes clear that the price of batteries would see a sharp increase, and the consequence will be a related increase in the cost of rare earth metals. Moreover, some of these metals are not traded on stock exchanges, but sold only via an arrangement.

Analysts of our company made a projection according to which the investment into the extraction of rare metals should increase now, before the main automakers such as GM, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and others have not yet faced the problem of batteries shortage for their vehicles. In view of this, our company decided to start raising funds from private investors to occupy a larger market share, and, accordingly, obtain greater profits.

By the end of 2017, InREM team, already had IT specialists in blockchain. Apart from programmers, administrators and analysts, we also have specialists in crypto-currency and cryptotrading, as well as 2 traders from the London stock exchange and 1 IT security specialist.

We believe that 2018 will be the breakthrough year in battery technology and the production of rare earth metals. There will be a new impulse in the crypto industry, specifically, the use of block chain technology in large-scale production and technology. Therefore, we, just like you, do not want to miss out on the opportunity to grow our capital.

We are aimed to work in this industry for at least 5 years. According to analysts, this is the deadline time necessary to replace 50% of all internal combustion engines with electric motors. This will be the most profitable time to invest into the creation of large production plants of next-level electric batteries, fast charging and with large capacities.

We believe that in order to correctly and actively invest into our future, we need to combine latest technologies along with long established traditions, and therefore we use blockchain for investments into the production of batteries and the extraction of metals.

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