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About Project

InREM International is an investment project of the company with the same name, InREM INT LTD, which was created to accumulate funds from private investors for further investment into the extraction of rare earth metals and the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The distinctiveness of the project is that you will receive profit from these investments right away, despite the fact that this type of an investment requires long-term contribution.

The incomparable interaction scheme between InREM INT LTD and our partakers allows to pay dividends to our investors the very next day after opening the deposit.

What we offer, is a simple and a reliable way to make your money work. Having trust in us, is believing in a company which knows its activity field and that can do the main work for you. All that is left for you is to make a profit!

Our analysts calculated that the average growth of the crypto-currency after the correction will be 70-80% per month. In order for the project to be stable, we limited the offer to 60% per month, which is quite achievable and does give the project a “safety margin”.

Project’s stability is very important for us, thus, we introduced certain limits such as weekday only operation, manual payments and careful monitoring of all transaction control.

We appreciate your interest and we aim to protect your investments, so we introduced an insurance fund, where we will deduct 1% of daily turnover. If the project suddenly has critical problems, the probability of which is negligible, we will divide the insurance fund between those investors who participated in the project for at least 12 business days and have had an active proportional deposit.

Any participant of the project, without becoming an investor, can get the status of a associate by attracting investors. We believe this is not an easy job, and it should be paid for, so we created a one-tier referral system where associates receive interest on each deposit. If this investor invests again, the associate receives his incentive again. Partakers get a growth motivation, once your referrals invest the amounts determined by the rules, the incentive rises.

We hope that our project will grow actively, and that we will please our investors and partakers with anniversary gifts. We will give out bitcoins, and the higher the turnover is, the more we will give away.

We want you to appreciate and trust us, so we took care of your investments safety. We chose the most reliable, elite level hosting with protection from DDOS attacks and other hacking actions. You can check our security certificate (green padlock next to web address) as well as legitimacy certificates of our company. When you withdraw funds from your account, we will use several levels of verification.

We created a white paper for the development, because we do want transparency and we have a clear understanding of how the project will develop and increase profits. Without this, there is not a single successful and stable project.

According to the statistics of our analysts, there is no need for you to worry about your funds safety and project’s stability, since the demand for rare metals and batteries is growing by year, and the offer remains unchanged. Thus, in the near future, the main consumers of rare earth will have to buy the products they need at the given price, which will undoubtedly bring tremendous profits from investments in the long term!

Dear Investors and Partners, Profit accruals and payments are made only on working (business) days.
The first charge on new week (13%) will occur on Monday. All requests for withdrawal of money created on the weekends are also processed on Monday.

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