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We live in an age of information technologies, where one of the most important things when working on an online investment project is the security of personal data, as well as reliable protection of transactions, stability of the website to various kinds of attacks and the absence of critical vulnerabilities.

InREM security specialists carefully approached this issue and implemented the following security elements into our website: DDOS protection, SSL certificate, SiteLock systems, Trustwave, as well as some other security factors that we will not disclose for security purposes of our project.

Above all, you should not worry about transaction’s security when you add or withdraw funds with the use of our website from your account in the project. All transactions are handled securely through an encrypted channel, so no perpetrator can intercept your funds. To protect against unauthorized money transfer from your accounts, we introduced various verification levels of withdrawal requests.

To learn more about the security systems of our website, we prepared an information section, which you can find below.

Security Technologies

We use the most advanced security technologies!


DDoS-GUARD takes a leading position in the market segment of protection services against DDoS-attacks ("denial of service" cyber-attack type). We developed and debugged a personal infrastructure of filtering computing units, the channel capacity of which allows to process high volumes of traffic. Geographically distributed network covers the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Japan, the USA and China.

Protection against DDoS-attacks is provided with power of more than 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps.
SLA’s efficiency is above 99.5%. It can withstand powerful, non-standard, combined, substantial attacks daily and protect against attacks such as:
IP malformed, TCP SYN flood, ICMP flood, TCP-malformed, SlowLoris, ICMP smurf, HTTP POST flood, HTTP SLOW POST, etc.

Main Functions:
  • Geo-distributed protection against DDoS-attacks,

  • Personal CDN (content delivery network)

  • Network protection

  • Caching data

  • Filtering DNS requests

  • Filtering HTTPS traffic

  • Daily backup of files and databases

  • Integration (network connection)

  • Peering networks


Instant SSL Certificates will guarantee the safety of online transactions and transmitted information when customers would make purchases. Our clients can be sure that bank cards and personal data entered or information received will not be intercepted or distorted by perpetrators. Availability of "Comodo TrustLogo" digital printing will provide us with a high level of order to purchases conversion and a high level of customer trust.

Benefits for Comodo Instant SSL Certificate owners:
  • Increased conversion level of pre-orders to paid orders

  • Decreased rejection levels due to mistrust of customers

  • Easy installation of Instant SSL Certificate

  • Customer protection from phishing attacks

  • Supports 99.9% of browsers and mobile platforms

  • Can be used on mail and web servers

SiteLock Security for Online Business

SiteLock is the world’s leader within website security systems. It allows you to detect and eliminate threats, prevent future attacks, boost websites and satisfy PCI compliance standards for companies of any size.

SiteLock® SMART ™ (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) is a technologically advanced product that can automatically find and remove malicious software if found on a website. This helps to prevent the blacklisting of search engines.

SiteLock INFINITY ™ is a highly reliable malware detection and removal service. INFINITY constantly monitors the website, detecting and fixing vulnerabilities and malwares as soon as they occur.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the final level of protection for a website. The TrueShield Web application firewall protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks malicious requests. The most advanced technology identifies backdoor files and immediately blocks access to them.

TRUSTWAVE Smart Security on demand

Trustwave helps companies fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risks.

Being financially motivated, hackers steal corporate data. It is thus always necessary to protect what we consider to be the lifeblood of our business, confidential data. Trustwave advises steps that the company should take to meet the high levels of protection. A complete set of technologies and services help companies protect critical information throughout the life cycle and from time to time perform complex regulatory requirements.

Thanks to automation, tools, knowledge and experience, Trustwave finds the best solutions for businesses to overcome their security concerns. Qualified security experts, ethical hackers and other professionals, amongst all others, are the most reliable professionals in the risk assessment industry, threat research, forensic investigations and safety training.